Welcome to my new online community: “food …..with added life”.

My passion is creating food with fresh, in-season ingredients that have an added twist: delicious nutrition.

Being a qualified nutritionist who has worked in the food publishing industry for many years, I have seen more food trends and diets come and go that I would care to count. My philosophy is simple, limit the amount of processed food in your diet, and instead focus on eating whole foods as frequently as possible.

Steer clear of food fads and miracle cures, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

By returning to eating whole foods, that is foods in their most natural state, we allow our bodies to benefit from all the available nutrients that food can provide. This improves energy levels, helps to control weight and gives us a general sense of wellness not available through highly processed diets.

“Food… with added life” will offer a diverse array of recipes using ingredients that are both accessible and affordable, as well as alternatives for those with specific dietary needs such as gluten-free, dairy free, nut-free or diabetes friendly.

Recipes that will not only nourish your body, but taste great and return you to eating whole foods in their most natural state or “food…. with added life”!


About Chrissy Freer

Chrissy Freer is an Australian nutritionist and food writer who has developed a signature style of creating delicious recipes with a wholistic health focus. A member of the Australia Nutrition Society, she studied Applied Science in Food and Nutrition at the University of Western Sydney, before combining her love of good food and nutrition to establish a successful career in the food publishing industry, debuting at ‘delicious’ magazine in 2002. She has contributed to countless magazines and books as a recipe developer, nutrition writer, food editor, and stylist.

Chrissy is the nutrition editor for taste.com.au magazine, and currently freelances for Belle, Fresh, Healthy Food Guide, Prevention Magazine and Weight Watchers along with many health focused websites.

Her first book, supergrains: eat your way to great health, was published in 2011 by Murdoch Books, with a focus on ancient whole grains, and their health benefits, over highly processed grains such as common wheat.

Her recipes focus on using whole (unprocessed) foods to provide balanced nutrition, and include low GI, gluten and dairy free options to suit people with diabetes or food intolerances.

Chrissy lives in the beautiful Byron Bay region, where she loves utilising the abundant local produce in her recipe development and cooking.