Meet Chrissy
Chrissy Freer is a qualified nutritionist, health author and recipe developer

Chrissy is an accredited and registered nutritionist RNutr (B AppSc Nutr, MHumNut, PhD Candidate), researcher, health author and recipe creator with over 20 year’s industry experience. A member of the Nutrition Society of Australia, she initially studied nutrition as a way of combining her passion for nutrition, healthy eating and good food. She is currently completing her PhD at Deakin University (focusing on the link between sarcopenia and metabolic diseases) to further her love of learning, research and evidence-based nutrition.

Chrissy is passionate about empowering, educating and improving women’s health, especially during perimenopause and menopause, through evidence-based nutrition advice and support. She loves teaching sustainable and achievable eating habits for long-term weight management that simply become a way of life. She creates delicious anti-inflammatory recipes that use whole, unprocessed foods to provide balanced nutrition and include low GI, low fodmap, gluten and dairy free options to suit people with special dietary requirements.

Chrissy has extensive experience working as media nutrition expert and contributed to countless magazines and books as a nutritionist, food and health writer, recipe creator and food editor. She is currently in-house nutrition editor for, in addition to offering clients one-on-one nutrition consultations at the ‘Mindsight Centre’, a wonderful integrative health practice located in the beautiful Norther Rivers region, which she calls home. Chrissy also conducts nutrition seminars and offers nutrition advice and services to private businesses.

Author of numerous books, her first book, supergrains: eat your way to great health, focuses on ancient whole grains, and their health benefits over highly processed grains such as common wheat. Following this, her second book, superlegumes: eat your way to great health, highlights legumes impressive nutritional properties, diversity and how easy it is to incorporate these true superfoods into your everyday eating. Her third book, Real Delicious contains 100 wholefood recipes for health and wellness, plus unbiased information to empower you in making great food choices. Chrissy’s most recent book, The Anti-inflammatory cookbook contains 100 delicious family friendly and gluten free recipes focusing on whole food anti-inflammatory ingredients.

A special thanks to Julia Renouf for her stunning images throughout my books and many images on this website.

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Chrissy Freer is a registered nutritionist (RNutr). She has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Nutrition), Master’s degree (Human Nutrition) and is currently completing her PhD. She is not able to diagnose any medical condition or illness. Dietary recommendations and/or information given through her website, social media, books or personally is not intended to replace medical advice or meant to be relied on to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness or medical condition. It is understood that you will seek full medical clearance by a licensed physician before making any dietary changes.