Cranberry, coconut & pistachio bliss balls

Cranberry, coconut & pistachio bliss balls

Cranberry, coconut & pistachio bliss balls 2000 1325 Chrissy Freer

Cranberry, coconut & pistachio bliss balls

Prep time: 15 minutes
Refrigeration time: 3 hours
Makes: 20
They are super quick and easy to make, and keep in the fridge for weeks. They are the perfect mid afternoon pick me up, great for lunch boxes (see tip) or to take to Xmas parties for a sweet treat. Like all bliss balls they are nutrient and energy dense, so try to just eat one at a time!
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  • 40g (¼ cup) sunflower seeds
  • 45g (⅓ cup) pistachio kernels
  • 25g (⅓ cup) unsweetened shredded coconut, plus 35g (½ cup) extra, to roll
  • 125g dried cranberries
  • 100g sulfur free dried apricots or peaches
  • 1 tbs fresh orange juice
  • 2 teaspoons coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons chia seeds


1. Place sunflower seeds, pistachios and coconut in a food processor and process on high speed until finely chopped.
2. Add cranberries and apricots, process again until well combined. Add the orange juice, coconut oil and chia seeds. Process until mixture comes together.
3. Spread extra shredded coconut on a large plate. Roll mixture into 20 balls. Roll in shredded coconut to coat. Cover and place in the fridge for 3 hours or until just firm.

Notes/ Tips

Dairy free
Gluten free
bliss balls will keep for up to 1 month in an airtight container in the fridge.
for a nut free (lunch box friendly) version, substitute pistachios with ⅓ cup pepitas.

nutritional info

Cal: 74 (309kj)
Protein: 1.4g
Fat: 4.2g
Sat fat: 1.9g
Total carbs: 7.1g
Sugars: 6.6g
Fibre: 1.6g
Sodium: 2.8mg