Nutrition, Health and Food writer
Published Byron Bay food writer

As in-house nutrition editor for I regularly write features for both the magazine and online content, encompassing all topics nutrition and health. This includes exciting projects such as developing the Great Aussie Health Survey, the yearly taste 7-day Kick Start meal plan and recently I had the pleasure of  taking part in episode one of the taste eat real unwrapped pod cast. Head to to listen to the podcast.

Author of 4 nutrition and health based cookbooks, all published by Murdoch books.

My first book, supergrains: eat your way to great health, focuses on ancient whole grains, and their health benefits over highly processed grains such as common wheat. This was followed by, superlegumes: eat your way to great health, highlighting legumes impressive nutritional properties, diversity and how easy it is to incorporate these true superfoods into your everyday eating. My third book, Real Delicious contains 100 wholefood recipes for health and wellness, plus unbiased information to empower you in making great food choices.

Chrissy Freer Byron Bay nutritionist Supergrains
Chrissy Freer Byron Bay nutritionist Superlegumes book
Chrissy Freer Byron Bay nutritionist Real Delicious